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Radio LBB: Bringing Us Together

Radio LBB 277 Add to collection

Soviet Science's Scuta Salamanca presents a playlist to keep you company in these difficult times

Radio LBB: Bringing Us Together

When we were asked to put a playlist together for Radio LBB we wanted to reach out to our composers and colleagues around the world and get them involved. Getting through the coronavirus pandemic is going to be a huge joint effort and as music producers and composers we wanted to share music with you that helps lift us up and get us through.

In a time when everyone is starting to self isolate and stay at home, music has the amazing power to help relieve stress and anxiety and take us to a higher plane. It’s there for us through good times and bad. 

Most of our composers' lives are spent creatively making music to brief in personal studios. Due to the nature of composition, composers are often working alone. Don’t feel sorry for us, we actually love to spend a lot of time alone - we can shut the world out and create our own reality with music. 

Our composer network was built for the modern age and remote working.  So here it’s been great to bring together talent from Berlin to LA, London to Stirling to ask for music that helps them personally. In a world where we maybe physically distanced we can always be brought together with the power of music.

So here’s the playlist from our team around the world.  We’re all still working remotely as ever. Get in touch if you have a bespoke composition or sound design brief, a supervision gig, or remote audio post job. We’re still working as normal even when the world is changing. 

I hope you enjoy the playlist - it’s brought us together. Stay safe and healthy.

Thanks for listening,


Glen Campbell - "Wichita Lineman" chosen by Craig (Glasgow)

My track choice would have to be Wichita Lineman, written by Jimmy Webb, and performed by Glen Campbell and The Wrecking Crew.  For me, the song is about someone who is isolated from the rest of the world and searching for answers…pretty apt for these strange times!  

Vivii - “Savant” chosen by Pete (London)

Don’t let the microscopic blighters get you down, keep on dreaming. 

Alice Boman - “Don't Forget About Me” chosen by Nick (Berlin)

Recently I have been listening to a lot of Alice Boman out here in Berlin.  I find her music simple and beautiful with a kind of dreamy stillness. Perfect for daydreaming though the isolation. 

Billy Taylor - "I Wish I knew How It Would Be To Be Free" chosen by Dervish (Stirling)

Heart warming/spiritual and full of joy - this often brings a tear to my eye it's just so full of love and happiness!

Ramsey Lewis Trio - "Wade in the Water” chosen by Ben (Ramsgate)

I was listening to music with my family in my garden in Ramsgate and an instrumental version of the old spiritual tune Wade in the water By Ramsey Lewis Trio came on. What had been a slightly sombre atmosphere changed instantaneously.  It struck me that when we are listening to music we are experiencing more than the mere recitation of a composition. A recording such as this lays bare the interdependence of the players, the playfulness of the performance and interaction between them as one of its core features. In the current climate of self isolation it's perfect escapism into a world of musical and social interaction. Moreover, the song has been re-imagined and re-purposed in so many ways over more than a century now, it's become one of many cultural memes that connect us across groups and over time, despite our current dislocation.

Bill Evans Trio - "Waltz for Debby (Take 2)" chosen by Jim & Lara (London)

One of our go to tracks, always manages to cheer us up! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! 

The Bad Plus - "Beryl Loves to Dance” chosen by Andrew (London)

This is one of my favourite bands... . It's virtuoso jazz with the explosive energy of a rock band. The bassist/composer describes the beautiful idea behind the form: There's this girl named Beryl, who is young and awkward, and privately, goes into her room, and goes crazy to the music. The song is structured where the dancing is going along fine, and it just keeps falling apart because she gets overexcited or something like that. But just a release, a real celebratory, private release of energy.

Francis Beybey - "Coffee Cola Song" chosen by Joel (Copenhagen) 

I listened to this early in the morning and it really kick started my day. The simplicity of this one is really sweet! And that riff that blends Francis' voice and a flute as really unique and uplifting.

Ska Cubano - "ay Carumba!" chosen by Viktor (Helsinki)

This song for me has a hakuna matata effect, full of smiles and laughter, sunshine and having fun on a beach with an umbrella cocktail in hand!

Sugar Minott - “Good Thing Going” - chosen by Dervish (Stirling)

I was lucky enough to support Sugar Minott a few weeks before he died and fell in love with this awesome song - a reggae classic - really feel good.

Rotary Connection - "I Am The Black Gold of the Sun" chosen by Jim (Bath)

It’s barefaced maxed out optimism.  Amazing recording, stunning arrangement, a complete one off.  A desert island record. 

Crosby Stills & Nash - "Marrakech Express" chosen by Sara (London)

Makes me think of hot summer days and travelling.

Nora - “Barbwire" Emma (London)

When you asked me, I went straight to reggae - and the lyrics for this always stick in my head - mostly because they are a bit peculiar...

Incubus - “Drive” chosen by Andrea (Vicenza, Italy)

I discovered this song when I was a kid, and it’s been my guardian angel ever since. It has some of the most hopeful lyrics you’ll ever come across. I wholeheartedly believe that in a year from now we’re gonna look back and say “Boy that was bad, but we made it through” Things will go back to normal, no doubt about it.

Larry Gus - "Total Diseases (Subservience)" chosen by Jeff (Los Angeles)

Excellent new material from the sweetest Athenian guy I've ever had the pleasure of touring with. Makes you forget the bleak world we live in for a moment and blisses you out with some melodious licks and MIDI marimbas.

Francis & The Lights - "Take Me To The Light" chosen by James (London)

Bon Iver, Kanye West, Francis and the Lights, Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Caroline Shaw all on one track!!?? These are the cool-pop all-stars and this song might win them the league.

Jeff Buckley - “Grace” chosen by Dom (London) 

Grace for me is one of the most incredible moments in recorded music. It’s underlying theme is about our ability to triumph in adversity. Every element of this track screams to this effect. I challenge anyone not to be inspired by any aspect: Jeff’s effortless vocals, crystal guitar, incredible guitar textures and hip simplicity even in the drum fills and some awesome bits where Jeff slaps the body of his acoustic. Even the strings have so much uplifting style in them, they do a wicked pizzicato thing somewhere along the way. In addition it’s over 5 mins long (a sublime Iliad) so you get your money’s worth on your isolation jukebox choice. Ah yeah, and the warm BVs are so comforting. Heaven.

Stereolab - “Frech Disko”  chosen by Scuta (London)

This song just makes me tingle all over - it’s cool and detached yet it’s dripping with energy that just sticks two fingers up to anything in its way. The only problem is it’s just too short so I have to listen to it at least five times in a row.

Jockstrap - “Acid” chosen by André (Berlin)

My current favourite songs is “Acid” by the London outfit Jockstrap (on Warp Records). It was released just before the corona crisis and although I get a bit sentimental when listening to it (because it already reminds me of better times), I simply love its beautiful weirdness and its artistic freedom - I guess that’s all I really need, no matter if times are rough or normal.

Jimmy J & Cru L-T - "Six Days” chosen by Jack (London)

This has been a firm favourite of mine since I used to listen to it on the school bus sharing a headphone with a mate, never fails to put a smile on my face.

The The - "This Is The Day” chosen by Tom (London)

I love this track because it's about potential - and commitment to making the change that you've avoided for so long. Fitting for all the lofty goals I have set myself in isolation... Now to write that novel…

Lord Kitchener - "My Wife’s Nightie" chosen by Pete (London)

It’s just a lovely well told story about a guy who is being unfaithful to his wife, which is obviously not a funny topic, but the rhyming is really really good, so it’s a great uplifting song.

Velvet Underground - "Rock And Roll" chosen by Scuta (London)

The story is about a 5 year old kid, Jenny, feeling like her life has been saved by turning on the radio and listening to Rock & Roll.  It’s the same whatever your age - sometimes all we need is music.

Minnie Ripperton - "Adventures In Paradise” chosen by George (London)

This is Sunshine in a bottle for me and always cheers me up!

Genesis - “Invisible Touch” chosen by Joe (London)

The recent news of a Genesis reunion tour has got me listening to some of their tracks again. I am currently in my studio in Bromley, looking out my window and admiring the bright sun we've been getting the past few days. Since hearing about the reunion, it got me going back to their tracks and instantly loving the production and upbeat quality of their songs. Gated snares and groovy bass licks will always bring a smile to my face! 

Bruce Springsteen - "Dancing In the Dark" chosen by Scuta (London)

Feel good from the start even if the lyrics are about Springsteen's difficulties writing a hit single! And the irony was that this was actually his biggest hit in the U.S. Sometimes it just works that way.

The Beatles - "Come Together” chosen by Scuta (London)

Such great groove and swagger - wonderful lyrics. Whatever they mean - the title says it all at a time like this.

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