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Winston-Salem, USA
THE THINKING OF AN INNOVATION CONSULTANCY MEETS THE DOING OF AN ADVERTISING AGENCY. We believe that brilliant advertising is critical, but it must follow meaningful innovation. The two are inseparable. To cut through indifference, a company has to invent something worthy of advertising. As Bill Bernbach used to say, “nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising.” And vice versa. Performance still matters. But no amount of craft is going to overcome a tired business concept.
Mexico City, Mexico
Singapore, Singapore
We are not a traditional ad agency network —we are a radically open creative collective. We look at what everyone else is doing and strive to do something completely new. Completely ownable. We live and breathe Disruption, and for more than two decades that's been the secret to our clients' unprecedented success.  
Sydney, Australia
We’re an independent, integrated, and truly international full-service creative company. Populated by a weird assortment of collaborative, determined, brave, passionate, problem solvers we’re focused on finding efficient, effective solutions to your businesses’ challenges. Our mission is to do great work that consumers can believe in for brands that we believe in. Which is why we love working with clients dedicated to making a positive change in the world. And our name? It’s simple really – it just means that when you work with us, we’ll fight tooth and nail to give your brand a bigger voice.
Sydney, Australia
Abel is a combination of diverse mindsets and skillsets. A scalable group of individuals with a core principle which comes before anything else – the passion and ability to think creatively. We’re strategic, production and process focused, detailed-oriented, and experienced in craft. All of us understand the power and importance of creativity in every role.  Founded by Nicole Jauncey (née Hetherington) and Simon Fowler - a creative team of over 15 years - Abel is a result of an industry of creatives wanting to go beyond their traditional formats to connect their talents directly with the brands who need them.  Our method.  Our method is to mimic yours. We adopt your brand as our own. Inducting ourselves into your business to become your creative experience on the ground. An extension of your team and built to feel like an in-house creative department. It means we can be part of conversations prior to the briefing stage, with a preference to share and discuss rougher thinking sooner.  This mutual goal to lift the work together creates a united agenda - and puts the focus back on the job.  Our services.  With experience on iconic brands, who understand what it takes to create robust brand narratives that solve business problems, we’ll only take on work which excites us. From Brand Strategy and Creation including Platform Development, Visual Identity + TOV, Creative Campaign Development and Production Oversight – call on us at any stage of the project.
slap / business accelerator through creativity --- we study the problems and opportunities of the companies and based on that we develop a creative strategy that can lead us to:  ►create communication platforms. ►create brands and purposes. ►develop products. ►design brand experiences. ►reformulate the existing businesses. ►create new businesses within the company. --- the consultants have the data, but not the creative interpretation. design and communication agencies have creativity, but do not get involved in the real business. slap intends to be a hybrid between the two.
Minneapolis, USA
On the day Fallon opened its doors without a single client, it did so under the headline, “A new advertising agency for companies that would rather outsmart the competition than outspend them.” More than 40 years later, and this mantra is unwavering. We are a creatively-led agency who pinned our public reputation on our commitment to smarts. Smart brands create something of value in the world: entertainment value, social value, and belief value. Smart brands are additive to peoples’ lives and to culture. They help build ideas in the world, and they leave something behind.
Miami, USA
Founded in 2000, the community is a global creative agency driven by culture, curiosity, and, as our name indicates, community. With a global workforce that includes 30+ nationalities, and a global presence, including offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York, and San Francisco, the community understands the increasingly diverse and dynamic world we live in. The agency’s mission is to build community, for brands, with the right ideas.
London, UK
Studiospace is a matchmaking service for senior marketers looking to hire agencies. It's global marketplace of hand-picked, founder-led and award-winning agencies. One platform and one contract for all creative, digital and marketing services.  Studiospace's clients include major brands such as Aviva, Jaguar Land Rover and Gala Games. It was founded in January 2022 by Pete Sayburn, Gideon Hyde, Robin Scarborough, Paul Bowman and Phil Kohler. Our product is creativity Creativity, in all its guises, drives us forwards. We’re on a mission to present the very best specialist independent agencies who offer creative approaches to big business problems to the world. If you’re such an agency, we’d love to hear from you . And, if you’re a client-side creative problem solver, there’s never been a better time to submit your brief (you'll just need to create a Studiospace account first).
Singapore, Singapore
We aim to provide our clients with a digital bridge to their users in whatever they do. These cover a wide gamut – enabling conversations with consumers in brand marketing; enabling online transactions whether through eCommerce or activation campaigns; creating platforms for digital businesses in entertainment, fintech; managing enterprise-level networks, and optimising performance. In all of these, however, our core promise is to offer our clients solutions that are practical, dependable, and reliable.
Mumbai, India
Strategic Consulting is the basis of digital interaction. We aim to provide our clients with a digital bridge to their users in whatever they do. These cover a wide gamut – enabling conversations with consumers in brand marketing; enabling online transactions whether through eCommerce or activation campaigns; creating platforms for digital businesses in entertainment, fintech; managing enterprise-level networks, and optimising performance. In all of these, however, our core promise is to offer our clients solutions that are practical, dependable, and reliable.
Melbourne, Australia
After decades at the coalface, working in big agencies on brands big and small, we witnessed first hand the blind spots of the old agency model. Identifying which briefs, outputs or clients fell through the gaps. ‍ So Pangea was born as an alternative approach to fill that void. Working as the special ops of marketing and advertising, we’re the people to call for projects that fall out of scope, skillset or capacity for your current AOR. Offering unprecedented value, access to talent, and transparency, the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced before. All resulting in better bang for your buck, better work and better working relationships. ‍ Achieved through a project-based model with minimal FTEs, we’re capable of flexing up and down based on your project, and your needs. ‍ To deliver marketing impact through access to world-class talent in creativity, strategy and execution. ‍ In other words, Pangea is creativity without borders.
Sydney, Australia
Strategic Consulting is the basis of digital interaction. We aim to provide our clients with a digital bridge to their users in whatever they do. These cover a wide gamut – enabling conversations with consumers in brand marketing; enabling online transactions whether through eCommerce or activation campaigns; creating platforms for digital businesses in entertainment, fintech; managing enterprise-level networks, and optimising performance. In all of these, however, our core promise is to offer our clients solutions that are practical, dependable, and reliable.
Minneapolis, USA
MONO is a dynamic advertising and branding agency that uniquely blends strategy and design to create and elevate brands and businesses in meaningful ways that connect with consumers. We have deep roots and experience in retail, spirits, CPG, automotive, healthcare, and technology. Our rigorous strategic and design-first approach, combined with our kindness, flexibility, and understanding of popular culture, strategy, and technology, allows us to take complicated, multi-layered business problems and simplify them. From there, we work with our clients to deliver innovative and beautifully executed business and creative solutions that focus and reshape their industries and ultimately drive outsized results. Our current and past clients include Bumble, Skyy Vodka, Target, Peroni, Google, Walmart, Sperry, Boom Chicka Pop, Loews Hotels, and Propel, among many others.
We Inspire Growth for Ambitious Brands In an ever-changing, complex and uncertain world of rising consumer expectations and disruptive technology, brands need to move at the speed of culture when rising to the growth challenge. Wunderman Thompson is a growth partner – part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience. Globally, we are 20,000 strong in 90 markets around the world, where our people bring together creative storytelling, diverse perspectives, inclusive thinking, and highly specialized vertical capabilities, to drive growth for our clients. We offer deep expertise across the entire customer journey, including communications, commerce, consultancy, CRM, CX, data, production, and technology to provide end-to-end solutions that deliver revolutionary work. In 2020, Wunderman Thompson launched Inspire, a proprietary global platform that explores what makes brands inspiring and what inspires consumers. Rooted in a rigorous, multidimensional research methodology, the platform identifies the qualities a brand must embody, the narratives it should weave, and the experiences it can design in order to spark people’s inspiration, and culminates in an annual list of the Inspire Score Top 100 Most Inspiring Brands in the World. As Belgium's leading integrated agency, our Antwerp and Brussels offices inspire growth for our clients and help them build brands in over 40 global markets. In our Antwerp office, we mainly focus on creative solutions – campaigning and experience – that are strategically and technologically supported, along with projects in retail, esports and our Brand Asset Valuator. Our Brussels branch is more data-focused with digital platforms, CRM and digital transformation and is the EMEA center of excellence in health marketing and innovation. Our agency was the first in Belgium ever to be elected Creative Agency, Digital Agency and Ad Agency of the Year all in a single year.
Shaping Progress Powered by Collective Creativity. Change is happening faster than ever. But it doesn't always bring us what's best. That's why we believe in shaping progress, powered by collective creativity. It means we transform change into real progress for brands, people, culture and society so that we can all play our role and take our responsibility in this world. Being a very diverse troop of creative experts gives us the power to steer change forward together with you. Because when complex change meets our collective creativity, progress emerges. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT 1. MAKE IT RIGHT Determine the right strategy to unlock progress 2. MAKE IT MAGIC Experiences of truth that are loved by all and makes brands & business progress 3. MAKE IT WORK A frictionless creative system on the right platform
London, UK
We’re a creative consultancy specialising in brand, corporate and sustainability communications. We combine inspiration and evidence to help build belief in our clients. ​
São Paulo, Brazil
A creative agency built with the purpose of creating influence.
Altrincham, UK
OUR APPROACH We’re an independent creative agency with a passion for Intelligent Creativity. Our approach starts with a little data insight and a lot of collaboration to produce a beautiful, unique brand idea. Then we bring it all to life in outstanding, engaging and effective campaigns. IT STARTS WITH THE DATA Using econometrics techniques to assess marketing ROI, social listening to understand consumer behaviour or competitor analysis to identify market disruptors; we dig for the insight that everyone missed and deliver an objective platform for brand growth. BRAND PLATFORM Our collaborative approach interrogates the insight to find a single, campaignable, insight-driven idea that unites everything; from values and personality, to logo, typography, illustration, photography and film style. MULTI-CHANNEL ACTIVATION From venue openings using an influencer-led social strategy, to brand launch involving TV, outdoor and digital. Our experienced team of planners, creatives and project managers are masters of multi-channel; delivering a perfect campaign for your specific objectives.
San Francisco, USA
HUb was born in 2002, a time when flip phones were all the rage and the idea of a “dot-com” company was just starting to be a thing. As these nascent brands raced to be first to market with a well-built brand, the agency world was woefully unprepared to help. Every agency was specialized—they focused on advertising or design or strategy or direct response or production or whatever. What was obvious to us back then was that emerging brands didn’t need help with just one thing. They needed an agency that could do everything—like a marketing Swiss Army knife (but less pointy). So that’s why we built HUb. To help these challengers build powerful, strategic, well-loved brands at speed. To make it happen, we blew up the traditional creative agency model. That meant building out a huge network of senior creative specialists across every discipline—basically our version of a dream team. In the office, our full-time staff of creative directors handpick the best talent for the job and then work with them to ensure strategic, visual and tonal consistency. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing, important companies on the planet—all with one thing in common: Each and every one of them possesses the mindset of a challenger. Today, we have a full-time staff of about 20 people. In addition to creative development, we have a serious strategy practice, we plan and buy media, and we’re a production company too—we write, direct and produce all of our video content. We do smart, strategically sound work that wins a lot of creative awards and, more importantly, sells a lot of stuff. Along the way, we never forget to have fun, and we tend to work with clients that like to do the same.
We brand-build for the brave. We’re devoted to serving those with an unwavering ambition to take the unconventional path in pursuit of outperforming their competition. By unearthing meaningful strategic perspectives, we bring brands to life in a way that will stand out boldly in cluttered markets. And we always do it honourably.
TANK WW is a borderless creative advertising agency that specializes in crafting stories that positively impact human lives within the health and wellness space. Our TANK WW culture drives diversity of thought with talent represented across all types of art and science backgrounds enabling us to build brands, drive behavior-changing work and play an active role in bettering society. We offer a boutique experience powered by global agency resources to fuel advertising for some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as local start-ups with big ambitions.
Sydney, Australia
We are an independent communications company delivering the cream of advertising, strategy, PR, social, digital, design and experiential for today’s forward-thinking brands. Always Fresh. Always Sticky.
Mérida, Mexico
Vales - a leading creative agency based in Merida,  the heart of the Yucatan. Founded in 1999 by and husband and wife team, now run by their children making it a truly family run agency business. The agency has worked on many leading creatives both locally, regionally and nationally. The Team has won accolades from numerous awards over the years. Here’s to gaining recognition through the LBB Immortal awards in 2023…!
Melbourne, Australia
Jen Sharpe founded Think HQ in 2010, on the belief that communications can be harnessed as a force of positive impact. We think human quotient: we unapologetically put people at the heart of everything we do, and we don’t think that should be a radical position. We create campaigns that understand culture and context, and invite audiences to work with us to transform the(ir) world in their best interest. Over the years, we’ve grown from a public relations company into an integrated agency, working solely on projects that drive social good. Now, whether it’s advertising, public relations, strategy, content, social media, diverse communications, events, digital presence or capacity building – we can do it all, and we do it ourselves.   We are a team of experts from all sorts of backgrounds. Think film makers, journalists, advertising industry legends and multicultural communications specialists. It means that we have the kind of diverse thinking that will lead to the best possible solution. Then, we have all the expertise needed to execute it.  What brings us together is a real, genuine belief that communications and creativity are powerful, and that it must be used to tell the stories that need to be heard.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Eleven International, founded in 2017, is a global cross-border and strategic communications agency for APAC consumer tech, crypto, and B2B startups aspiring to enter or scale their reputation in the USA and China. The agency’s expertise spans three core practices including Consumer Tech, B2B Tech, and Crypto & Web 3.0 and its services include strategic public relations, influencer marketing, copywriting, social media and branding.
Leeds, UK
We are McCann Leeds – a lead strategic creative agency. We create ideas that stand out, that surprise, that are memorable, that deliver results and drive growth. The latest addition to the McCann family, we are part of the World’s #1 agency network for creativity and effectiveness. We have grit; the Yorkshire region has a proud history of effective creativity and we’re proud to be part of its growing greatness. Truth well told; truth is nothing without the creative courage to make it meaningful.
Sydney, Australia
WE TURN BRANDS INTO HEROES Fearlessly melding brand, media and technology, you could almost call it a superpower. We call it Borderless Creativity. And it delivers breakthrough results for some of Australia’s most recognised brands. #1 Australian independent Effie Awards & APAC Effies | #1 independent Campaign Brief Hot List | Mumbrella Agency of the Year | AdNews Agency of the Year
Courage is our one word business model.
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