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An Independent Central London VFX Studio. We design, craft and deliver high-end Visual Effects for Commercials, Broadcast, TV, Film & Content. We are a passionate, attentive and responsive team of talented artists and experienced producers. We love what we do!
Estab­lished as Young­ster by renowned edit­ing com­pa­nies The Quar­ry and White­house Post, we are now relaunch­ing as The Post Arm, grow­ing and attract­ing our own ros­ter of clients and projects into the shared studio. Based on the 5th floor of the icon­ic Heals Build­ing on Tot­ten­ham Court Road, our joint aim is to re-estab­lish the core cre­ative rela­tion­ship between Edi­tors, Direc­tors, DOPs and Colour. In this unique­ly cre­ative envi­ron­ment, we want to put Colour back at the heart of the edit­ing and post process.
Warsaw, Poland
ATM Virtual is a professional virtual production studio created as a result of the expansion of ATM Group on the audiovisual market. The studio offers a full range of services related to the process of creating virtual stage design based on the Unreal Engine and displayed on specially designed LED screens. The technology allows the implementation of a whole range of orders, including those requiring Driving Stage and Flying Stage. The use of virtual locations allows the optimization of costs, increases the efficiency of production logistics and shortens the post-production time of commercials, music videos, and feature films. The ATM Virtual team consists of specialists from Poland and abroad, prepared to guide film producers through the entire process of creating a virtual world, from pre-production, preparation of photorealistic 3D locations, to shooting and post-production.
Melbourne, Australia
We are Mushroom Creative House. A creative agency and a production house that started as just two designers down a corridor making album covers and tour artwork. Thanks to the wider group connections and its incredibly high standard of output, Mushroom Creative House grew quickly, and now delivers unforgettable content, events and experiences from; music videos (The Avalanches, Bliss n Eso, Flight Facilities) to live events (concepting and creative directing the entertainment for the AFL Grand Final) to broadcast TV (The Sound, Music From The Home Front) to festivals (Sugar Mountain, RnB Fridays), to strategic partnerships (AAMI, Telstra, Qantas), to documentaries (in development), to experiential and branded content (Bonds, Bacardi, Spotify, lululemon, Menulog). We are part of the Mushroom Group; the largest independent (family-owned and run) music and entertainment business in Australia. Michael Gudinski founded the Mushroom Group in his teens and built it up to be the entertainment powerhouse it is today. Now run by his son, Matt Gudinski, the thread of loyalty, passion and integrity continues to run through the business from the very top, and we’ve never lost that progressive spirit that keeps us pushing for fame-driving moments for brands, clients and artists
New Orleans, USA
Cadence Post, a post house based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is recognized nationally for its high-caliber work. Creating content for production companies and agency partners, we approach every project with a diverse experience and a whole-ass mentality, collaborating with teams to bring the highest level of quality to every project. Cadence Post is ready to be your partner in advertising, branded entertainment, TV & film.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Splash Studios is an award winning editorial house founded by senior editor and director Rigel Kilston.  Splash offers creative solutions for visual narratives, hosting a curated collective of top film editors based in Amsterdam. We provide support to a wide variety of clients and production companies specialising in global ad campaigns, music videos, short films and documentaries.   While operating as an edit house we also offer full post production services from our state of the art facilities in the heart of Amsterdam. Our network of color graders, flame artists, sound designers and post producers have unparalleled efficiency in tailoring raw projects into compelling custom works. From creative short films to super bowl ads, Splash blurs the lines between art and advertising.
Los Angeles, USA
We are a company of film editors with a passion for storytelling who are committed to mentoring talent and establishing lasting relationships with directors and agencies worldwide. Cabin is an established post production home built on collaboration and dedication to the craft.
San Francisco, USA
We’re a creative production studio that values relationships as much as stellar work. We’re in it for the inspiration and the partnerships, and relish the bonds we’ve formed with peers at advertising agencies, production houses, and brand clients.  We guide projects from concept to delivery with discipline, playfulness, and warmth. Our super power is a background in digital production—we think animation is better with code—and it’s helped us garner a shelf full of awards.  We’ve been at it for a while. Founded in 2011 by two ad-world vets, Mia and Mike Kellogg, the studio encompasses senior artists and producers alongside a global network of partners. We’re also proud to be a woman and minority-owned business. Swing by our offices in San Francisco and Santa Cruz and say hi!
The Velvet Badger is a singular beast, It is beauty in motion, it is graceful and sleek, Smart and strong with tiny hands and ears, Made for the velveteen vocals of the smooth groove years. Evolution The Velvet Badger is a hybrid creature. Much like all of evolution’s finest achievements, it was conceived through the successful fusion of seemingly opposing breeds to create a super-evolved species. Chris Joyce and Kerry Adams are Velvet Badger. A Motion Design Director and Executive Producer respectively, together they are ushering in the next epoch in creative practice and production intelligence. Characteristics The Velvet Badger is a full-service Design & Motion Studio that takes pride in crafting beautiful moving image through fastidious direction and delivery. With strategic inspiration and creative excellence at the heart of the beast, the Velvet Badger flexes its claws to deliver stunning content in a timely, cost-effective and robust manner. Advantage The Velvet Badger strives to maximise the mix of creativity and service woven directly into its DNA. Its ability to own the complete process from conception to reconciliation is bolstered by its innate desire to burrow further into the heart of the brief, sharpening its creative claws a little more each time.
Toronto, Canada
Redlab has been a leader in post-production services for commercials, TV, and film for the past 14 years. 
Portland, USA
Founded in 2013, 9iFX is a full service post-production studio specializing in visual effects, 3D/2D animation, and Motion Graphics. We work with companies, big and small, and team up with directors and other artists to help expand their creative capabilities through complex motion graphics, high-end animation, and other pre and post-production needs (color correction, sound design, editing, etc). The people we work with aren’t just clients, they are our creative partners.  Basically, we like making friends and doing cool things.
Bogotá, Colombia
We provide solutions and creative direction in the different audiovisual, graphic and post-production production processes, in order to provide an efficient product that guarantees optimization in time and money.
Solarflare Studio is an award-winning creative technology studio on a mission to hack the human experience.
Seoul, South Korea
We are a global network of award-winning VFX Artists & Creative Technologists with decades of experience across the Advertising and Brand Experience industries. As specialists in VFX, Creative Production and Experience design, we push the boundaries of the imagination to make big ideas a reality. Partnering with agencies, production companies and brands, we solve tough creative challenges and bring visually stunning stories to life across linear and interactive media. We have studios in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Seoul and Bangalore. Our international teams are from diverse backgrounds because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity to produce extraordinary work. Tony Choi, VP Head of Studio Tony Choi brings with him over 30 years of experience in production, tapping into western and eastern cultures across Australia, America and Korea. He is super excited to be joining The Mill to expand our global offering of world-class VFX, creative production and experience in the Korean market.
Selected Works is a talent led, client focussed, VFX company based in London. Passionate about our craft and proud to be specialists. We focus our expertise exclusively on our partners, using our skills, our knowledge, and enthusiasm, to create outstanding work. Dedicated and personalised teams tailored to each project’s needs. The team has vast experience, having run the biggest creative VFX studios in the UK and US. With a long track record of producing acclaimed visual effects, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. Founded in June 2021, Selected Works utilises the very latest in technology enabling infinite scalability and creative freedom.
Los Angeles, USA
​1983 is a creative content studio based in Los Angeles and London wIth disciplines that traverse film production, visual arts, animation, VFX, strategy and augmented reality. We are a secret weapon to some of the world’s bravest brands and agencies. Our mission is to partner with the best artists, designers, technologists and filmmakers from around the world to create visually inspiring content that moves.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
ronnie is an Amsterdam Based editing studio  shared by editors Kim Hinrichs and Gert Willem Visser. ​
Buenos Aires, Argentina
With offices in Buenos Aires and Mexico we collaborate with production companies and agencies worldwide to create amazing photorealistic character designs, animations and VFX. With our professional in-house team working together on both offices, we are able to solve in time and quality big projects with any technical needs, like character design, modeling, rigging, animation, particle simulations, VFX, rotoscoping, matchmoving, matte painting, compositing, color Grading, Online and Print work, sharing human and technical resources with both offices and handling big and ambitious projects with international standards.
EDITORS: JESSE REISNER   NELSON LEONARD   OWEN PLOTKIN PRODUCERS: CARRIE FLEMING NANCY FINN  BOOKING SCHEDULING: PRODUCER CARRIE FLEMING  ph. 212 367 7701 Email Carrie •secure•realtime•streaming HD video edit sessions •anywhere there’s WiFi or mobile internet• AWARDS: AICP MoMA • EMMIES • ANDYS • EFFIES • LIA • CANNES • ONE SHOW General member AICP We collab with ad agencies, production companies, networks. A diverse post production team. Award winning talent. the now corporation donates every month to these important organizations: THE MARINE TOYS FOR TOTS FOUNDATION FEEDING AMERICA NATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE NATIONAL WOMEN’S LAW CENTER UNICEF USA IS ON THE GROUND HELPING UKRAINE’S CHILDREN
London based commercial and film editing.
We’re a motley crew of creatives, artists & producers who after years of freelance gigs, took the leap to set up a shop that would disrupt the post-production industry for the better, whilst making some seriously cool shit. We had this pretty nifty idea to all work from our own homes (A premonition?!). So, we ditched the long arsed commutes, pricey office and the rat race and traded it for home offices, more time with family and investment in great people. Turns out when you’re not paying through the nose for an office, you can spend that on bringing in some top-notch, talented individuals from just about anywhere. 5 years into this adventure, we’ve surrounded ourselves with amazing people with outstanding creative talent, producing motion design & VFX for commercials, content, music videos and long-form, on behalf of brands, agencies and production houses across the globe. Connected by a robust remote pipeline, our shared ethos has never been stronger. Make great work, with no faff.
​ BARBERSHOP EDITING is an independent Toronto-based editorial company that excels in crafting short and long format work in the film, entertainment, corporate and advertising industries. ​
New York, USA
Curious curators artistically driven towards premium execution.   OTHER HALF is a creative studio specializing in creative direction and content development for brands.  We are a team of specialists working across various mediums including film, photography, design, strategy, and post production. Functioning as both an agency and production partner, we offer a plethora of creative capabilities to serve any brand’s needs. In addition to the services we offer, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of artists within our family. ​
Chicago, USA
We are makers. Smart, focused, resourceful, intrepid. We are exceptional at what we create, going beyond trends to blaze new trails. We are fun and positive to be around. We prioritize our clients over everything else. We are good at rolling with the punches. No matter how difficult the challenge, we always look for opportunities to make the work even better.
Floss Creatives is a dream team of passionate individuals from diverse cultural and skills backgrounds. We are a specialized team of engineers, machine learning programmers, designers, art directors and creative directors under one roof to provide seamless access to some of the best innovative talents.
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