How To Enter The Immortal Awards

Before you begin your entry, make sure you’re the admin for the company or office that you’re making the submissions for. 

The first step is to log in to your LBB account.

Then head to the Dashboard. 

And from there, click on the Manage Award Entries button.

If you’re the admin on multiple offices, pick the office you want to begin making an entry for. 

Start your submission by clicking Create Submission.

That’ll take you to a single, seven-step submission form. 

In Step 1, you select which categories your submission best fits into from the dropdowns.

Firstly whether your project is a Single Entry or Campaign.

Then its media type.

And finally the Category it best fits into. 

Full explanations for these options can be found on the Rules page.

In Step 2, you will name and provide information about your entry.

Hover over the I icons on the right hand side for an explanation on the information needed for each field.

Ensure all compulsory fields are complete. 

These are highlighted by a grey asterix.

In Step 3, you will add in the media files for the entry you are submitting.

You can select work already in your LBB archive by clicking Yes and using the drop down menu.

You may select multiple assets from your archive, rename them and change their thumbnail image.

Or you can click No and upload the files directly into the submission form.

You can drag and drop them into the file upload box. 

And you will be asked to name them.

Click Yes to add more files to the submission. 

You can continue adding as many files as you need.

In Step 4, you have the option to add your own cover image for the entry.

If you have a particular image that you’d like to use as the lead image for the submission, click yes.

Then drag and drop, or click the box, to add that image to submission. 

If you don’t have an image, our system will automatically generate one.

In Step 5, you have the option to add any Supporting Materials you have.

Supporting Materials are not compulsory but any you do have should be uploaded here.

You can upload supporting files such as case studies, behind the scenes and boards as films, images or audio files by clicking YES and dragging and dropping them into, or clicking on, the grey box.

You can add written supporting information in the description box. 

You may copy and paste directly into this box and there is no character or word limit.

In Step 6, you will add your credits.

If you’ve selected work already in your LBB archive, the credits associated with the project will be automatically populated.

The credit fields in the box can all be edited.

You can add or remove as many fields as you do or do not need.

You can copy and paste your full credits list directly into the text box. 

And finally, in Step 7 you will either Save or Submit your entry.

You can save your incomplete submission at any point by clicking the save button in the bottom left corner of the form.

And when your submission is complete, click submit in the bottom right corner.

The submit button will be greyed out until all compulsory fields are complete, so if you can’t click submit please check that all fields have been filled.

Once you’ve submitted your entry, you will no longer be able to edit it. 

If you have more entries to use, you can make another entry by clicking Create Submission and completing the seven step process again.