What Powers the League Table

What drives our League Table of Creativity?

Little Black Book’s mission is to celebrate creativity, always. And our League Table of Creativity is driven by points scored from the Immortal Awards, our free to enter award for all members. Since LBB works with most of the best creative companies in the world, we get the best work from around the globe entered.

Here, you can see every entry, the companies that have entered and are credited on them, and the networks these companies come from, in a ranked order. It’s a system that can be filtered by region, country and city, as well as company type and discipline.

The league table shows how many points each company has earned, and from how many entries – demonstrating not just the total number of points won but the quality of those points.

Our calculations and scoring systems are completely transparent, and Little Black Book members will be able to track their ranking year-on-year. So too will all agencies, brands and anyone who visits LBB.

We have built this based on creating a level playing field across creative companies. This is not an award you can win by volume as every office is limited to a maximum of five entries.

Our league table will grow year in, year out and the points scored will amass across time.

So how does it work?

Every entry received an average score out of 10 during the online judging stage. The average score out of 10 has been multiplied by 100 to establish the number of points that entry has earned for the league table.

Every entrant company receives points for every entry they make, and every credited Little Black Book member company receives points for that entry too.

Entries that made it onto the shortlist, and therefore into the final round of judging, get a set score depending on how they were awarded in the final round.

The breakdown of points awarded are as follows:

Immortal             10000

Commendation         5000

Finalist             1500

Shortlist            1000

Everything else      Average Score out of 10 x 100 (eg 6.7 x 10 = 670)

So, if you made two entries and are credited on a further five entries, submitted by other companies, then your ‘No. of Entries’ will be seven.

Please note the table may fluctuate throughout the year as we add credits. We want to make sure that everyone involved in the creative process is celebrated.

Can’t see your company?

If you didn’t enter the awards, aren’t credited on any of the entries, or aren’t a member then you aren’t on the league table.

You can fix that in two ways:

1) If you aren’t a member, simply sign up to LBB here and we can backdate your points if you’re credited on any scoring entries

2) If you are a member, make sure you are credited on this year’s entries so that we can attribute the correct points to your profile. If you’re not, contact paulm@lbbonline.com